The Beaches of Algarve

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The beautiful beaches of Algarve

Beaches of algarve

Beaches of algarve

Some Beaches of Algarve are the best and most beautiful beaches in the world, most of which have been awarded the european union’s “Blue Flag” eco-label,  for compliance with 32 criteria covering Environmental Education and Information, Water Quality, Environmental Management, Safety and Services.

The beaches of Algarve are long expanses of soft, golden sand, secluded coves backed by ochre cliffs and topped by vibrant green pines. Each beach is a gem waiting to be discovered, each with it’s own unique charm.

With 200km of Algarve coastline, there are almost too many beaches and coves to count and there are certainly too many Algarve beaches to cover here. However, you can find general information about what the beaches are like in central, western and eastern Algarve, what the coloured flags on the beaches mean so you can stay safe on the beach and in the water.

In general though, whatever you are looking for in a beach, you can be assured that the Algarve has a beach perfect for you!


The Algarve is divided into three regions; Western, Central and East Algarve.

The Western Algarve region has smaller fishing villages turned resorts set the tone with a more laid-back feel. And the further West you go, the greater the impact of the majestic Atlantic on the landscape, the beaches, the food and the very air that you breathe.

The Central Algarve area includes the famous Golden Triangle of Vilamoura, Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago, synonomous with luxury living, and the ever popular resort of Albufeira with it’s lively nightlife and range of hotels.

In the Eastern Algrve is the landscape one of gentle hills, small villages, and long, long golden beaches, dotted with lagoons and sandbanks. The water temperature tends to be higher here.


Beaches marked with this symbol are “Blue-Flag” beaches.
You can recognise the award-winning beaches as they are all clearly marked with the Blue Flag emblem. In addition, many of the Algarve Blue Flag beaches have also been recognised for their accessibilty and provisions for people with reduced mobility.
82 of the Algarve’s beaches have received the coveted Blue Flag Award for the 2014 season. That’s thirteen more than in 2013!

As some excellent beaches of Algarve are not immediately accessible from the holiday towns, and because it’s difficult to choose one from among approximately 150 named beaches,  we are going to give you our list of Top Beaches in Algarve first and then we will leave the rest for you to discover.
We present our top beaches by region of the Algarve on separate pages. Please click on the region for more information.

The Regions of Algarve

The Regions of Algarve


– The beaches of Western Algarve

– The beaches of Central Algarve

– The beaches of East Algarve


The meaning of  the Beach Flags
The colour of the beach flags will tell you whether or not it is safe to swim in the water or if the beach is being attended by a lifeguard, try and remember the colours before you head off to your beach!

Bandeira Verde - Praia

Green Flag

Bandeira Amarela - Praia

Yellow Flag

Bandeira Vermelha - Praia

Red Flag

Bandeira Seguranca - Praia

Blue-white Flag



& entering
water forbidden